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Are you intentionally designing moments for your parents, students, and alumni to share with others?

The recently released book The Power of Moments, by authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath, is a great exploration of how brief experiences can impact and change us in dramatic ways. The authors discuss how many of our experiences we forget, and how we as marketers and educators have an opportunity to create moments that last in memories for decades.

In a recent Stanford Speaker Series podcast, Chip Heath discussed how one high school has created a "decision day" for all students to declare their college of choice. The process, environment, and excitement has been designed to mimic the signing day process for future college athletes. Thus creating a powerful moment of celebration and recognition for a group of predominately first generation college students, which they will share and remember for the rest of their lives.

This is why we recommend our clients to specifically ask parents, students, and alumni to not only share why they would recommend a school, but to share an experience or story about their experience at the school. Prospective students and parents want to understand what it is like to be a student, and someone writing about a key influential moment during their time at your school is a powerful way to share your school's story via word of mouth marketing.

In a day when websites, programs, and facilities are all exceptional, and prospective students and families are shopping like consumers, a descriptive story of a powerful moment from a student, family, or alumni can be what differentiates your school from other prospective schools.

Think about the journey of your students and parents. What moments are you intentionally designing which you know they will talk about to their friends and family. Are you leveraging these moments to not only impact the lives of these students and parents, but to also share the story of your institution.

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