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It is time to change the way you market your MBA program

Prospective students are searching for experiences and universities are selling them knowledge.

In a February interview with the Harvard Business Review, Scott DeRue, the dean of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, stated the old model of business school education is gone. DeRue discussed how the perceived value of an MBA education is changing, and how MBA programs are innovating in response to individual and company demands. 

Innovative graduate programs are focusing on immersive experiences where students interact with actual businesses to provide application to the knowledge gained in the classroom. Prospective students searching for only knowledge have instant access to free or low cost content offerings on place such as edX, where they can learn from some of the greatest academic minds across a multitude of topics.

As DeRue stated in his interview, schools now must differentiate on the experiences they are offering versus the content they provide. No longer will students see the value to justify the time and costs if a school cannot articulate the value of the experiences of its alumni and students.

Consumer reviews play a significant role in every industry where consumers are researching and learning about experiences of others to compare product offerings. An MBA, like many other academic offerings, has become an educational product where consumers are shopping and comparing relative to other product experiences offered by other schools.

We have worked with graduate schools such as Concordia University, who are redesigning the MBA experience, to help them leverage the voice of their students and alumni to tell the story of the student experience. These alumni and student experiences are shared in the form of ratings and reviews, which help differentiate Concordia's program in search results with star ratings and as reviews on their website.

Let us show your school how you can leverage alumni or student reviews to differentiate your academic programs relative to competitors to increase enrollment.

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