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Posting ratings and reviews

How to start sharing your story with prospective students and parents

When a school has existing survey data the process of loading the survey data into the Expirically portal and accessing the snippets to add to your various program pages takes only minutes.

We find though that many schools approach the roll out in two phases starting with key programs, and then expanding to other programs and majors. This enables effective internal communications and adequate review of any survey comments before posting.

We answer a few common questions below on the process;

Do we need to survey students and alumni?

Most schools currently survey students for accreditation purposes, partnering with consulting and research companies to conduct annual or biannual surveys, and many are beginning to reach out to alumni to support fundraising activities or to measure engagement. If you don't have survey data we are able to provide your school with a ready to use online survey you can use to capture feedback from students and/or alumni.

What programs or majors should we focus on in the beginning?

Many of our clients begin with one or two key academic programs and then expand into other majors and programs.

  • Does your school have an engineering or honors program where it makes sense to highlight.
  • Are you attempting to grow specific undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Have the program leaders from one of your departments discussed sharing more user generated content from students and alumni to increase interest.

What should we highlight as strengths when we present the summary ratings for departments?

Unfortunately many times the student satisfaction data is not shared broadly internally or discussed in the context of marketing or branding. In addition to looking at your percentile scores from your research partner, clients when loading data into our system can quickly see what areas for each major rank high in star ratings. Based on these ratings you can easily decide for each major what to share externally on the program pages.

What type of comments are acceptable to share online?

Not all comments provided on surveys can be shared, but many surveys include questions around what would you recommend about your school. Some comments though provide identifiable information, and others may include language or wording that is not appropriate to post publicly. When clients load data in our system they are able to approve individual comments to ensure nothing gets shared externally that should be kept private or used only for internally purposes.

How do you communicate the process internally? 

Engaging administration in the process is key as this represents a way for the school to stand out relative to competitors. We provide clients internal communication resources in our Transparency Guide, and we find that both administration and faculty recognize this is an expectation of consumers. The benefit to all is no longer will third-party rating and social media sites be the only source for ratings and reviews of your school.

How do you convert survey data to ratings and reviews for our webpages?

The Expirically platform provides user a simple multi-step tool to walk you through the steps of going from a survey file to online ratings and reviews. User have access to the following features to support the process, and although most clients can do it themselves we of course can assist in the setup.

  1. Data Loading: clients are able to quickly load a survey data file and the platform will convert all scores to star ratings for each question.
  2. Question Selection:  clients are able to select for each program and major which questions they want to be shown online on those specific program pages.
  3. Comment Approval:  clients are provided a tool to approve which comments are published online and which are flagged for further review or hidden from presentation.
  4. Posting Snippets:  for each program with data clients are provided a snippet to add to the specific program page.  For each program page these snippets source the schema for SEO, and ratings and reviews in real time to appear on program pages.  The snippets inherit your sites style guide and automatically update the ratings and reviews when new data is published in the portal.  After adding the snippets there is no need to make ongoing updates to each program page as new data is loaded.

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