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Verified alumni reviews are social proof of the value of your academic programs

Would you spend thousands of dollars on a purchase decision without reading reviews? Why should students?

Prospective students are consumers, and if you are marketing to prospective learners you are now competing with a variety of education and content providers. Online learning platforms such as Coursera, edX, and Udacity have embraced consumerism and leverage student and alumni ratings and reviews as a marketing strategy to differentiate their courses, certificates, MicroMasters, and Nanodegrees.

Verified alumni reviews enable prospective students to hear from past students regarding the quality and value of an academic offering, and understand if they are a good fit with a school and program. Whether you are marketing a continuing education course, MicroMasters, certificate, Nanodegree, undergraduate or graduate degree, colleges and universities must demonstrate quality and value in a marketplace full of offerings.

72% of prospective students stated that when their school posted verified ratings and reviews it strongly influenced their decision to attend.

Consumer decisions from buying a new car to selecting a new physician are influenced by ratings and reviews as social proof. We started Expirically because we believe universities are not leveraging their greatest asset, the alumni who can be their best brand advocates and influencers. Prospective students want to hear from those who have leveraged the knowledge, experiences and network gained from your institution to further their career.

When colleges and universities collect and publish verified alumni ratings and reviews it not only helps their SEO strategy, but more importantly provides those schools the data and content to differentiate versus competitors. Alumni will speak to the unique attributes of your school and programs, providing a way to demonstrate value on what makes your school and programs unique.

The reviews for the Raikes School at the University of Nebraska provide a great example of dozens of alumni speaking to the unique value of the Raikes School.

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