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Why your schools should use NPS®

Parents and students are consumers, schools need to understand how many students and parents are promoters, and must respond quickly to their detractors.

Are students and parents your customers?

Whether you are an independent K-12 school, college, or university, your students and families have a choice and are acting like consumers when selecting and evaluating your institution. They are customers of your institution, and compare and evaluate your school like consumers.

This is a difficult reality for many administrators and educators to grasp as they look at their school and classrooms, and attempt to balance the needs to provide both critical feedback and the service expected by students and families. The shift to providing a focus on the customer has only increased as the cost of education, and the options available to consumers, have increased over the past decade. Consumers have seen traditional industries such as healthcare adopt a consumer-centric focus, and now expect the same from education.

Are you asking the right questions on your surveys?

Net Promoter® Score, commonly referred to as NPS®, is a customer loyalty metric that gauges how willing a family is to recommend your school. It is used across industries to measure how well organizations are building advocates within their base of customers. Net Promoter Score is a valuable metric for improving recruiting and retention as it provides a single customer satisfaction metric—that is visible and easy to understand.

Net Promoter Score can be described with one simple question: "How likely is it that you would recommend [School X] to a friend or colleague?"

Based on how a customer responds to the question, you classify them into one of three groups:

Detractors = 0 – 6: 

Detractors are customers who evaluate your product and give a score between 0-6. These people are notably unhappy, and could even be angry or heated.  They are not likely to recommend your product or company. If left alone, these customers can damage your reputation or brand through their active negativity.

Passives = 7-8: 

 Passives are customers who rate your product, business, or service a 7 or 8. While these customers appear neutral, it would be dangerous to assume they require little attention from you. These customers are unenthusiastic and even unimpressed. Because of this, they are open to other brands and offers and may be easily persuaded to make a switch.

Promoters = 9-10 :  

Promoters are the customers who give your product or business a score of 9 or a 10 in a survey. They are defined as enthusiastic and loyal customers who would not only continue to buy or use your product but would also be likely to refer others to your business. These customers can be a powerful asset to your company, and more specifically, organic growth.

Why should your school use NPS?

Your Net Promoter Score reveals just how loyal and happy your families and students are with their experience at your school, and their true feelings towards your service, educational experience, and school as a whole. Your promoters are your greatest referral advocates and your passives need to be converted to increase positive word of mouth and referrals.

How Expirically brings more value to the survey process

Along with using the Net Promoter metric, we help schools ensure they are asking the questions that align to their recruiting and retention strategies. Don't send families 60 question surveys. Focus on what matters most by using shorter surveys, capturing lots of qualitative feedback, versus asking pages of questions. Lastly, we always ensure your surveys are optimized for mobile.

In addition to capturing rich feedback on schools, programs, and courses, Expirically enables marketers to leverage feedback as rich content to improve their rank in search results and provide star ratings for social proof. Your advocates are your best marketers. Education marketers need to leverage the voice of their customers to differentiate and drive enrollment.

If you are an independent school, Expirically has an NPS Survey and Digital Marketing Package available for only $500 per school or academic program.

  • Data Collection:  Design of a loyalty survey, which includes the Net Promoter question and the ability for students and parents to leave you a review on sites such as or
  • Reporting: NPS dashboard report identifying key issues, including trending of results year to year, and identification of key satisfaction drivers.
  • Testimonials: You will receive a widget to add to your website to load testimonials for rich marketing content that will improve page rank and your online reputation.  Expirically widgets add schema code to your website to improve your ranking in search results.

Schedule a demo today to start a voice of customer program for your school or academic program and improve your digital marketing with rich testimonials from your promoters.

The Net Promoter Score® concept was developed by Bain & Company's founder of Loyalty Practice to measure customer loyalty.

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