• Case Study: Bryan College of Health Sciences

    Leveraging Verified Ratings and Reviews to Improve Search and Differentiate Programs



    Bryan College of Health Sciences, with an enrollment of over 1,000 students, offers degrees in nursing, sonography, biomedical sciences, healthcare studies and various degree completion and certification options.

    Bryan, like most colleges, is competing in a complex recruitment landscape against larger state institutions and private colleges. Undergraduate students are applying to dozens of colleges and universities and comparing costs, scholarships, and academics at a whole new level.



    1. Increase academic program page traffic by improving page rank and differentiating in Google search results.
    2. Differentiate versus large in-state universities by demonstrating Bryan College of Health Science's excellent student-faculty relationship, academic excellence, and strong reputation among providers and health systems.

    Converted Existing Survey Data to Reviews

    Leveraged historical and ongoing exit surveys, and Ruffalo Noel Levitz student satisfaction data, to publish ratings from over 1,000 students.

    Published Ratings on Academic Program Pages

    Converted hundreds of rich comments from surveys into ratings and reviews to publish on academic program pages to demonstrate value.

  • Outcomes

    As one of their key marketing strategies, ratings and reviews has played a key role in Bryan College of Health Sciences setting a record for new student enrollment for the 2018-19 academic school year.
    Annually the college surveys all incoming students to understand what impacted their decision to attend the college, and after the first year of using Expirically ratings and reviews were demonstrated to be a key differentiation strategy.

    "Expirically provided us an easy way to leverage existing student survey data to publish verified ratings and reviews to demonstrate our high value to prospective students"


    Stacy Dam, Dean of Enrollment Management, Bryan College of Health Sciences

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