• Concordia University - Nebraska

    Leveraging Student and Alumni Reviews to Improve Search and Differentiate Programs


    Concordia University Nebraska is a fully accredited, coeducational university located in Seward, Nebraska, that currently serves more than 2,700 students across more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs.

    Concordia, like most universities, is competing in a complex recruitment landscape. Undergraduate students are applying to dozens of colleges and universities and comparing costs, scholarships, athletics and academics at a whole new level. At the graduate level, program flexibility, costs and and career outcomes are playing an increasing role in decisions.

  • Leveraging Ratings and Reviews to Drive Outcomes

    Collect Reviews

    Leveraging the voice of over 1,800 students and alumni

    For Concordia University, reviews are captured by converting existing exit

    surveys and capturing new reviews for current students and alumni.

    • The university has converted over 1,000 undergraduate exit surveys into ratings and reviews for dozens of programs. 
    • For graduate programs where surveys did not exist, the university used the Expirically platform to capture hundreds of reviews across their various graduate programs.

    Publish Reviews

    Demonstrating value through social proof

    By adding reviews to individual academic program pages Concordia provides prospective students rich content on the value of the school and programs.

    • Concordia has published reviews including over 900 comments for dozens of different undergraduate and graduate programs. 
    • For each program Concordia has the ability to customize the specific program attributes displayed as star ratings.
  • Results and Outcomes

    During the first enrollment year, Concordia experienced OVER 100% increase to enrollment focused conversions from academic program pages with ratings and reviews.

  • Partner Testimonial

    "As the only university to provide this in their search results, Concordia stands out while also providing authentic and credible reviews." - Seth Meranda

    Seth Meranda

    Director of Marketing Concordia University

    • 4 years at Concordia University in current role
    • 10 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as Lead User Experience Architect for unl.edu 
    • Associate Interactive Marketing Consultant for Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a leading enrollment management consulting agency
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