• Curate student and alumni insights,  communicated with all the subtleties, in their own words

  • Let your students and alumni tell their story in their own words

    Curate rich stories

    Times have changed. Customers and want to read and hear stories from consumers about their experience.

    Quickly share content

    Embed individual stories and reviews into web pages for marketing content. Share insight with leaders and teams.

    Analyze deeper insights

    Enhance understanding of what is said with keyword and sentiment analysis in the presentation of your results.

    Make it easy for participants

    No downloads, logins, or apps as our tools are browser-based and work across mobile and desktop devices.

  • We help you collect video stories and insights to tell a better story internally and externally

    Video Reviews and Testimonials

    Improve your marketing with verified reviews and include rich video stories

    • Student course reviews
    • Program and certification reviews
    • Employer testimonials
    • Conference and workshop reviews

    Video Research

      Add depth to your project using video research with customers and employees

      • Virtual student and alumni advisory panels
      • Alumni, student, and employer feedback
      • Program design and feedback
      • Faculty and staff stories 
    • We know you don't have time, so our team can help you with all phases of the project



      We help you ask it the right way, whether a testimonial, research project, or internal feedback.



      Individuals quickly share their stories by clicking on a link sent via email or embedded in your digital assets.



      Understand the experiences of your alumni and students with depth and through their lens.



      Share content with internal teams to improve the experience. Share reviews with consumers.

    • Change the way your organization listens to your customers

      Expirically was founded by a group of educators, engineers, marketers, and consumer experience experts who are passionate about helping customers and employees share their experiences and tell their story. 


      We believe listening to and sharing the experiences of others enables organizations to understand and improve what matters most to those they serve.

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