• How does your online reputation look to prospective students?

    Prospective students and families are consumers living in a mobile-first world where they can provide instant feedback and demand access to online reviews. Your programs are competing in a market where consumers review your reputation online and buy based on reviews.

    • 89% of consumers make the effort to read reviews before making a decision. 
    • 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
    • Conversion rates of web pages with reviews are up to 3.5X higher than those without reviews.

  • How verified reviews can demonstrate ROI and outcomes

    Quickly turn your alumni into advocates for your courses, programs, degrees, and other academic offerings.

    Collect Reviews

    • Collect reviews by sharing program-specific review feedback forms on social media or by emailing alumni and advocates.
    • For each academic program highlight specific skills or outcomes to provide as social proof to the value of your programs 

    Publish Reviews

    • Automatically embed reviews into web pages for the university, degree programs, courses, and certifications to improve your online reputation.

    Social Reviews

    • Let your alumni share reviews with their social media networks for high-value social media marketing.
    • Share positive reviews from alumni and employers on social media and your website for high-value digital marketing content.
  • Case Study: Bryan College of Health Sciences

    "Expirically provided us an easy way to publish verified ratings and reviews to demonstrate our high value to prospective students"


    Stacy Dam, Dean of Enrollment Management, Bryan College of Health Sciences

  • Supporting institutions and programs of all size

    Expirically has been used by hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs to improve their online reputation.

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  • How to get started

    Don't let prospective students be negatively influenced by third-party college search or planning websites. Turn your website into a verified source for authentic reviews and let your graduates be your brand and program ambassadors.

    Starter Plan

    Collect and publish online reviews for up to 5 different degrees, programs and courses.

    Pro Plan

    Collect and publish online reviews for up to 25 different degrees, programs and courses.


    Enterprise Plan

    Collect and publish online reviews for an unlimited number of degrees, programs, and courses.

    Partner Plan

    Integrate a white-labeled version of Expirically with your CMS, LMS, or as part of your digital engagements.

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