• Integration Options

    Are you currently using a software platform for your website, course or program management, and looking to incorporate ratings and reviews into your marketing strategy? Expirically provides integration options to enable your school to seamlessly incorporate ratings and reviews into your existing software platforms.

    Content Management Systems

    Add ratings and reviews to your website

    Turn your survey data into ratings and reviews

    Continuing Education

    Collect and publish for your program offerings

    Learning Management Systems

    Add reviews to course offerings

  • Services

    Expirically provides an innovative solution to continuously capture parent, student and alumni feedback, and incorporate insights into program improvement and marketing strategies.

    1. Load your existing survey data to leverage existing customer experience survey data as a marketing asset.
    2. Access to a library of review templates to use with your academic programs, products, and services.
    3. Access to mobile responsive review surveys.
    4. Unlimited number of reviews per year.
    5. Dashboard to compare ratings, including access to qualitative improvement insights.
    6. Examples on how other organizations have implemented ratings and reviews to support their marketing.
    7. Workflow tools to review and approve comments for each web page.
    8. Publishing module to quickly and easily embed rating and reviews easily on your website.
    9. Rating and review snippets are responsive and adopt website style designs.
    10. Snippets incorporate schema to ensure star ratings are included in Google search results.

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    Learn how Expirically can integrate into your current product and service to enable your organization to quickly publish ratings and reviews.

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