• Why you need to publish course and program reviews

    Your prospective students live in a mobile first world where they can provide instant feedback and have access to online ratings and reviews to support all their purchase decisions.

    Improve your online reputation with reviews

    According to a 2016 GO Digital study, 58% of students said online reviews were important in their selection process.

    Improve your SEO strategy with star ratings

    According to the 2016 Ruffalo Noel Levitz E-Expectations Report, 86% of students search by the school name and program.

    Provide social proof to demonstrate value

    According to a 2017 Social Admissions Report 90% of prospective students use school planning and review sites.

  • Program ratings and reviews to differentiate

    Expirically provides a cloud based solution to quickly collect alumni reviews, or convert your existing surveys into reviews, to publish on your web pages for degree programs, courses, certificates or any other educational product or service.


    Turn your existing surveys into a marketing asset

    • Graduate exit surveys 
    • Alumni loyalty surveys
    • Student satisfaction surveys
    • Course, program and event surveys


    Use Expirically to capture feedback for any type of program or course

    • Alumni loyalty surveys
    • Certification programs
    • Conferences and events
    • Continuing education
    • Graduate exit surveys
    • Individual courses


    Add star ratings for program specific searches

    • Ensure stars appear in organic search for your specific academic programs to improve SEO strategies.  
    • Improve your ratings and reviews on third-party ratings websites by sending advocates to complete a review.


    Program specific reviews to increase conversions

    • Code snippets to incorporate responsive reviews and ratings for each of your academic programs.
    • Approval tools to ensure only validated and reviewed testimonials appear on your website.
    • Program specific ratings to demonstrate value on what makes your programs unique.


    Link reviews to social media profiles

    • Use premium reviews to enable your alumni to submit reviews linked to their LinkedIn or social accounts for a more personalized review.
    • Increase the value of reviews with the ability to highlight specific alumni feedback.
    • Demonstrate the value of your alumni network by enabling prospective students to see reviews from future employers.
  • Client Examples

    "As the only university to provide this in their search results, Concordia stands out while also providing authentic and credible reviews."


    - Seth Meranda, Director of Marketing, Concordia University-Nebraska

    Collected and published alumni testimonials and ratings to highlight the unique attributes of the Raikes School.

    Converted over 1,300 surveys to ratings and reviews and collected reviews for graduate programs.

    Collect and published alumni ratings and reviews from hundreds of graduates across dozens of academic programs.

    Converted annual Ruffalo Noel Levitz survey of all students, and exit survey of all graduating seniors, to ratings and reviews.

    Collect and published alumni ratings and reviews from hundreds of graduates across dozens of academic programs.

  • Case Study: Concordia University

    Enter your email address to view the case study and presentation by Seth Meranda, Director of Marketing, on how Concordia University leveraged Expirically for the following;

    1. Convert current and historical exit surveys for dozens of academic programs
    2. Collect new reviews from hundreds of students and alumni for graduate programs
    3. Published ratings in Google search results for academic program searches to increase page traffic by 88%
    4. Added custom reviews to academic program pages to experience a more than 100% increase to enrollment-focused conversions

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